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Rescue Mission Earth is a unique International Youth Organization that grew out of the Network of young people who created the "Children's Edition of Agenda 21 Rescue Mission planet Earth" in 1992, at the Earth summit held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Rescue Mission Planet Earth was founded on the request of four United Nations Agencies; UNEP, UNDP, UNESCO, and UNICEF.

pic3The main purpose of its set up is to promote the concept of sustainable development and to enable young people to monitor how government and others are keeping their promises made at the Earth summit held in Rio de Janeiro.

Driven by the energy of young people in several focal points around the world are promoting action to heal the environment and work with teachers to introduce young leaders and Education for sustainability in school and communities. Rescue Mission launched the "indicators for action project" in 1995

The project main purpose of “indicators for action project” is to empower young people to go to their communities, measure the state of local environment and development and to take action in pursuit of sustainable lifestyle.

pic9The year 1999 saw the climaxed of the pilot text of the indicator project. About 20,000 young people from 32 counties participate in the project worldwide. The results of the indicator were presented to the United Nation Commission on Sustainable Development (CSD) in 1996 in an interim report entitled "A Mission Made Possible". The report outlined the methods used in the project report result; created action plans and issued challenge to governments.

Rescue Mission Ghana (RMG) is a Ghanaian NGO established on 23rd October 1995, but was officially registered on 26th June 1997 under the companies Act code, 1963 (Act 179) with a registration number (G.2199). Rescue Mission Ghana is also registered with Department of Social Welfare with registration Number D.S.W 1826.